Up From the Ashes

Ghost Notes, 21 Ascending Fire

major events of the day:

-the feeling
*someone needs my help. no idea why or how or who or what the fuck.
*it seems like it’s a solar thing. more on that below.
*maybe it’s a trap.

-rescued girl from slavers
*jumping warning, kind of lame
*slid under her horse, sword out, totally chill (best moment)
*ganked bag of silver from mercenary dude. also, took his horse, named it cudgel. haven’t told anyone i named it that yet.

-girl turned out to be like me
*stood on horse, wtf
*horse magic. horses go forever.
*who brings a cat in the desert?
*hot, though. serious delzahn chick. like a clerk or something. should probably find out more.
*crushes rocks and seals oaths with a touch. kinda wish i could do that, but not really.
*name’s aleena.

-realm dude also like me
*not as dorky as he seems. still pretty dorky.
*dude never stops telling his life story.
*he can hear everything. like, EVERYTHING. gotta stop talking to myself. or only do it for pranks.
*people know right from wrong. ha ha right.
*decent fist fighter, scary how he can pull info right out of people. can’t let him do that shit to me.
*he knows the offensive lies unveiled concentration. gotta be careful.
*like a bunch of cousins or employees or something? vassals, that’s a good word. what’s with the cute serious chicks all of a sudden?
*name’s rokotsu.

-secret identity in question: rokotsu’s cousin xifa knows. told her not to tell. really hope she doesn’t, don’t want to have to get violent.

-captured slaver, sent her back to chiaroscuro.
*she wouldn’t swear to change her ways, thought i’d have to kill her.
*freed slaves. gave out the ghost name, guess i’ll have to stick with that.
*i go out of town, the ghost shows up on the road. knew this shit would happen. the watch is gonna be so smug when i get back to town.
*called us solars. maybe i should’ve researched anathema more but w/e.

-weird-ass memories
*i was a chick. wtf. still had the shades, though.
*rokotsu was a dude with weird glasses.
*aleena was a dude who sealed oaths with magic. are we like fair folk or something?
*we were too late. we lost a circlemate. which is a term i just made up i guess? w/e.
*and then we just go find a new one. this one’s a little girl. she smiles like we’re already friends.
*did we seriously just move on? and it sounded like we’d done that before.
*and what are these memories, anyway?

-chiaroscuro notes
*gotta deal with secret identity issues. maybe i can use magic? fuck if i know how yet.
*gotta research aleena. maybe we’re like friends or something? i dunno. but she doesn’t like slavers any more than me.
*gotta be prepared for rokotsu/immaculate issues. dude seems to think aleena’s vague “have a good reputation, then tell them to step off” is the best advice ever. i think he was just waiting for someone to tell him what he wanted to hear.

lines i want to use:

“A child rushed out of the stuffy wagon to wrap her arms around him. The Ghost didn’t know what to do. In that moment, he was no hero.”



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