Up From the Ashes

Night Rhymes

In the shadow of the darkest night,
comes the only chance I got to write,
there’s too many wrongs to right,
too many crimes to fight,
not enough heroes in sight,
from where I stand,
on these jagged heights,
I’m just a man,
Without time to waste,
So many problems to face,
A puzzle to trace,
Through the dregs of the human race.

Sometimes I gotta stop and wonder,
what it’s gonna take to tear asunder,
all this shadow—will I ever see the sun, or,
will I drown,
bogged down,
as the darkness in man pulls me under?

But no, the city’s not empty,
not as long as it’s got me,
and other folks crazy,
enough to see,
that if we can believe,
then we can achieve,
a new destiny.

But Chiaroscuro don’t sleep and so I can’t either,
Got promises to keep, gotta keep my believers,
Just me and my mask,
me and my task,
and six golden feet,
to stop blood in the street.

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