Iqval's mother


Heroic mortal

Favored Ability: Presence


Originally a villager in the East, she and some others were kidnapped by bandits desperate for coin, and sold into slavery at a very young age. She was beautiful and happy as a child, and was bought by a rich man from Gem. She grew up to be beautiful and more or less happy as a young woman, too—despite her status, she was well-treated and could claim food and shelter, which is more than many in Creation can say. She became something of a saleswoman, using her cheerful charm and good looks to help the rich man become richer, until one day she met Zahir the freed miner. He came by her tent every day for a year, and eventually bought her freedom and married her. Now she works as a saleswoman for an artisan instead, helping him hawk his wares in the busy bazaars as she has lost perhaps some youth but none of her beauty or charm.


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