Ash Falls on Barren Tundra


Dusk Caste Abyssal

Serves the Reaper of Fruitless Grains

21 (frozen at 18)

Recently made the acquaintance of the Solar Circle while defending a small town in the Underworld from an unprecedented chaudra attack. Is the successor to the Exaltation of Je Hian, Guardian of Hosts. Traveled for a time with the Circle to investigate the whereabouts and situation of a Thousand-Forged Dragon. Once it was established that her Circlemate, The Spade that Tends the Void’s Garden, had brought the Dragon back to the Reaper, she pressured her Lunar mate Twice Errant Savannah into leaving the Solars to go back with her to the Underworld.

Average height, fit and wiry. Wild dark hair, usually pulled up into a ponytail.

Wields a grand daiklave carved with Old Realm runes that mean “victory.”

Ash Falls on Barren Tundra

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