Blood Lily


Day Caste Abyssal

Singer in the Sunset House, a late-night bar and hookah club in the Underworld’s Chiaroscuro.

The title she was actually given by the Neverborn is Silken Whisper on the Wind’s Bier.

Rokotsu came to ask her about the Timeless Order of Manacle and Coin. She gave him information in exchange for a task: to find the ghostblood Okai and either kill him, or extract a binding oath to leave her alone. In addition to bringing proof of this deed, she asked him to bring his Solar friends to see her, in preparation for potential future exchanges.

Daven later convinced her to go on a date with him, which resulted in a much more complicated relationship than either of them expected. In the process, Daven discovered that hers is a rogue exaltation – she has no Monstrance. Due to this abnormality, deathlords – and the Reaper in particular – are constantly sending agents to coerce her, kidnap her or otherwise draw her to their cause.

The Solars discovered that Okai was really Discordant Howl of the Mendicant Wolf. Later, Rokotsu returned to the Sunset House to find a note from A Faceless Plutocrat Armed with Moribund Fortunes, and Lily missing.

Pale and beautiful, with dark hair and blood-red lips, and long manicured fingernails. Tends to wear elegant dresses.

Blood Lily

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