Discordant Howl of the Mendicant Wolf


Dusk Caste Abyssal
Familiar: Mishka, undead dire wolf


Serves the Reaper of Fruitless Grains

Known Circlemates: Ash Falls on Barren Tundra; A Faceless Plutocrat Armed with Moribund Fortunes; The Spade that Tends the Void’s Garden

Was seen with Ash in a small town in the Underworld, protecting it from an assault by maddened chaudra.

Masqueraded as the ghostblood Okai to harass Blood Lily, on orders, in an attempt to get her to join the Reaper. Was confronted by the Solars and agreed to attempt to set up a meeting between them and his Circle’s Moonshadow.

Discordant Howl of the Mendicant Wolf

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