Drass Ferin


Heroic mortal
Favored Ability: Bureaucracy
Other Abilities: Linguistics, Socialize


32 years old. Thin and bookish, sometimes looks a bit severe.

Ferin was a clerk in the small government of Haru-So, and worked directly with its governor, Nimbus Clay. It was Ferin who suggested one day, when Clay was ranting about the Immaculate Order and its stranglehold over the region, that it could perhaps be removed from the region altogether. Clay, a bit of a cowboy idealist by nature, fell in love with the idea. Ferin did the groundwork necessary to begin organizing a rebellion, and was Clay’s practical right-hand man throughout the ordeal. While a rather unassuming man, Ferin proved to be more well-connected than expected, and used those connections to help the cause. Once Rokotsu took over the rebellion effort, Ferin smoothly transitioned to using his logistical prowess and network of contacts to aid them both.

Drass Ferin

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