Firuz Orkhan


Heroic mortal

Favored Ability: Melee
Other Abilities: Archery, Ride, War


49 years old. A bit grizzled, but still cuts a distinguished and intimidating figure.

Orkhan of Sept Semha. Once a fierce warrior to be reckoned with, Firuz took a serious injury to the leg in battle a decade ago, and afterward retired to instead train new warriors who will take his place. He has walked with a limp ever since. Firuz is highly respected by many, though there are some who scorn his decision to leave the battlefield, saying that one may still swing a sword or shoot a bow from the saddle even with an injury such as this, and that it was weakness that drove him to retire. But Firuz cares not for the disdain of those he considers glory-hounds, content with the knowledge that he works toward the betterment of the Delzahn Horde at large by teaching the young warriors of combats to come.

Distantly related to Aleena, Pari and Mihr, just as he is distantly related to everyone in the sept.

Firuz has recently been jockeying for the Tri-Khan’s favor in one of the most major endeavors the monarch has undertaken in some time – he has finally managed to convince his nomadic subjects to allow foreigners to sell livestock in Chiaroscuro. Yejouj has expressed a wish to send an orkhan and as much of his sept as he feels is appropriate to Harborhead to oversee the massive cattle-drive the Guild is prepared to launch, but he will only send an orkhan he feels he can rely on, who is worthy of the honor of representing the Horde so far from home. While he decides who that is, the orkhans do their best to prove their worth without being pathetic about it, and Firuz is no exception. He plans to send a caravan of his best pupils for recommendation to join elite royal jaghuns, quietly ensuring that they will be subtly vocal about who taught them everything they know.

Firuz Orkhan

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