Gurban Orkhan


Heroic mortal


Orkhan of Sept Qorchi. Took over as orkhan from his father only recently, but his business acumen and his successful trade in horses and more exotic creatures has won him quick wealth and support.

Was humiliated at the Tri-Khan’s court when Aleena and Firuz Orkhan revealed his plans to sabotage his clanmates’ efforts to win the Tri-Khan’s favor.

Later, gathered his sept and left the city for the plains. This is suspected to be because of Aleena, one way or another; rumor has it that his anger stems from the Horde not turning Aleena over to the Realm. He and his supporters say that the Tri-Khan has been unduly influenced by supernatural powers.

Currently leads(?) a force of Delzahn against the Tri-Khan’s palace.

Gurban Orkhan

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