Jadebriar "Fawn" Suna


Heroic mortal
Immaculate monk (until recently)
Favored Ability: Integrity
Other Abilities: MA, Athletics, Lore


17 years old. Petite and athletic, shaved head with short dark hair beginning to grow in.

Joined the Order four years ago, given the name Fawn as her First Coil name for the quick and graceful way she runs.

Lived in the village of Haru-So for most of her life, and joined the temple that served all of the local villages in the area. When the rebellion occurred, she helped the temple and the Legions put it down. When Rokotsu and his people made their first move, Fawn happened to be present for their first parley with the abbott, brief as it was. Afterward, for reasons known only to herself at the time, she quietly found Rokotsu’s group after weeks of searching and asked to join them, saying only that the lord’s words had moved her to seek the truth for herself.

Now lives in Chiaroscuro with Rokotsu, aiding him in his endeavors. Teaches martial arts at a market dojo along with Xifa, Ro and Tsimshian.

Jadebriar "Fawn" Suna

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