Mikayl Summer-Strix


Favored Ability: Melee
Uses a chopping sword and shield

Intimacies: Zinnia Summer-Strix (protective paternal love), mercenary work (familiar weariness), tea (soothing), children (safeguarding), deceased lover Inda (lingering sadness)


36 years old. A bit gruff and a bit scruffy, tends to be quiet.

Daughter: Zinnia Summer-Strix, 3 years old

An ex-mercenary who used to sell his sword across the Hundred Kingdoms. He came to Chiaroscuro with a group of other mercenaries for a particularly lucrative job, and ended up falling in love with a girl he met on the docks. When the job was over, he decided to stay…only to watch his lover die in giving birth to his daughter. He vowed then and there to protect and provide for his daughter for as long as she needed him, and to give up the life of a man who killed for a living. He decided to join up with Daven to feel like he was making a real difference in his daughter’s life and the lives of other children across the city.

Mikayl Summer-Strix

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