Mnemon Ashoka


Heroic mortal
Favored Ability: Medicine


Father: Mnemon Jaghar (deceased). Mother: Sesus Umari. Siblings: Mnemon Rokotsu, others. Cousin: Mnemon Xifa.

The youngest sibling of a large family of Mnemon scions, Ashoka has always had her heart set on becoming a doctor, Exalt or not. She repeatedly tried to get permission to leave the estate and find a Wood aspect to apprentice to, but Jaghar insisted she stay and complete the same training everyone else had (including martial training). As a result, while she spent almost as much time with Jaghar as Rokotsu did, she resented him a bit and was not as close with him. After Jaghar died, Ashoka only waited as long as was necessary to seem like proper mourning before she left for Tuchara, infuriated by Umari’s implications that she and Rokotsu could be Anathema-tainted, and wanting to get on with her career rather than sitting around waiting to exalt.

Had more Cynis friends than her family was quite comfortable with, and had been dallying with a Cynis scion whom she hoped to convince Umari to let her marry, though Umari had other plans.

Was sent by House Mnemon to persuade Rokotsu to turn himself in to the Realm, and met up with the Solars in the desert some miles outside Chiaroscuro. After the Solars killed her bodyguards and Rokotsu’s subsequent attempted suicide, Ashoka began to rethink everything she had known. Rokotsu and Kimuli Storm-Tamer rewrote her memory and sent her to Darkmist Isle, to live out the rest of her life as a doctor with no family to haunt or use her.

Mnemon Ashoka

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