Mnemon Jaghar



Earth Aspect Dragonblood, Talonlord of the Eleventh Imperial Legion

126 years old at time of death

Wife: Sesus Umari. Sons: Mnemon Rokotsu, others. Daughters: Mnemon Ashoka, others. Niece: Mnemon Xifa.

Jaghar was a decorated and well-respected talonlord in the Imperial Legions, who fathered twelve children (ten of whom Exalted as Dragonbloods) with his wife, Sesus Umari. It was a marriage of politics, and Jaghar never showed any inclination to tell his family who he dallied with beyond marital duty, if anyone. He was a terror on the battlefield, leading men and wielding his massive mace with ferocity and pride. Despite being best known for his martial prowess, however, he was not without a quieter side – he had a connoisseur’s passion for artisan foods and tobaccos, and would pay large sums of money to acquire rare delicacies and expensive pipes from all over Creation. He dabbled in the Art of Alchemy occasionally, though the occult arts weren’t his strong suit; once it became clear that Rokotsu, his youngest son, had a head for scholarship, Jaghar began to bring more difficult occult recipes to him for the two of them to puzzle out together.

Jaghar was not unduly close to most of his children, as most Dynasts are not. However, by the time Rokotsu and his younger sister Ashoka were old enough to attend school, Jaghar began to tire of being sent out into the Threshold every other month, and began to find excuses to spend more time at home, indulging his hobbies and overseeing the construction of a new dojo, where once it was finished he taught various martial techniques to patricians and Dynasts who could not quite manage the House of Bells, as well as dabblers and retired Dragonbloods looking for something new to do. Each day that passed of his two youngest children’s lives, as he taught them what he knew of martial arts and war, he spoke of how much better their lives would be once they were blessed with the Exaltation of the Dragons, and how perhaps the three of them could take the field of battle together, help secure their House matron’s place as rightful Empress, and rule Creation as Princes of the Earth.

As more time passed, however, and neither Rokotsu nor Ashoka Exalted, Umari began to insist that they be sent away to Tuchara for further schooling with the other mortal House scions, so that they would no longer be associated so strongly with the household. Jaghar procrastinated and made excuses for them to continue training with him, certain that they would both Exalt and unwilling to entertain the notion that they might not. He promised Rokotsu that once he Exalted, he would be allowed to attend the Heptagram as he pleased (so long as he at least considered joining the Legions once he graduated…). He promised Ashoka that once she Exalted, she would be free to seek the very best Cynis doctors to teach her their art, as she’d always wanted (so long as she at least considered joining the Legions as a battlefield medic…).

Before either of these wondrous events occurred, however, the day arrived when Jaghar was sent out with the Legions to put down a rebellion in the coastal village of Haru-So, in Lamkaet Prefecture. He did so admirably, and before he could return home, he and his men were sent to take care of another problem – an Anathema, spotted in the Dhorash Mountains. A week later, Umari and her family were brought a message from a Legion courier, explaining that Jaghar had been caught allowing the Anathema to escape, and that he had been summarily executed by his commanding officer for treason. It also warned her that her entire family would be subject to scrutiny by the Immaculate Order in the coming months, to ensure that none of the rest of their household had been tainted by this Anathema influence. The family mourned in public, to hide their shame, and in private Umari made sure the entire household understood that they were not to speak of this to anyone, and to bury what happened. The story she told the public, and the story that the family came to adopt (if not believe), was that Jaghar had died honorably in combat with the Anathema in the mountains. Umari later began dropping hints here and there that she suspected that their two youngest children were somehow involved in this Anathema incident – after all, they were the only ones who hadn’t Exalted. Had Jaghar been under some Anathema influence already when they were conceived, that burned the blood of the Dragons out of them with demonic taint?

Mnemon Jaghar

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