Mnemon Xifa

Rokotsu's cousin


Heroic mortal
Favored Ability: Performance
Other Abilities: MA, Presence


26 years old. Lithe, medium height, long dark hair.

Xifa worked for a magistrate as a liaison and bodyguard, even after the magistrates began to fall from power. Her loyalty was absolute, right up until the magistrate was assassinated by an unknown group of assailants. She and the archons parted ways for safety’s sake, on both sides, and she went to stay with the Mnemon Jaghar household, becoming a teacher at Jaghar’s dojo.

While her martial training began when she was very young, like many Dynasts, her true passion is dance. On her travels with the magistrate, she went out of her way to learn local dances in every place they visited—and now that she’s traveling again, she does much the same.

Mnemon Xifa

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