Fire Aspected Dragonblood (Outcaste)

Aspect Abilities: Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Presence, Socialize


Mercenary in Chiaroscuro. Was paid by Eagle Eye to kill the Foreigner’s Quarter Watch, but defeated by Daven (the Ghost in the Glass).

Later, posed as the Ghost in order to ruin his reputation, committing murders and other crimes in the Ghost’s name. Lured the Solars into a trap with several other Dragonbloods and set the Peacekeepers up to arrive on the scene. Defeated Daven in battle, but was subsequently defeated by Rokotsu. Swore an oath adjudicated by Aleena to cooperate with the Peacekeepers and never kill again, and was arrested by Tamid Pasha and handed over to the Realm by the Peacekeepers.


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