Nimbus Clay


Heroic mortal

Favored Ability: Presence
Other Abilities: Performance


33 years old

Realm patrician. Formerly the governor of Haru-So.

The small town of Haru-So lies on the southern coast of the Blessed Isle in Lamkaet Prefecture. Until recently, it was led by Clay, a cowboy idealist with a lot of personal charisma but not a lot of actual political savvy. He relied on his assistant, Drass Ferin, for what he considered “the boring part.” He and Ferin worked together in an attempt to grow Haru-So’s wealth and influence in the Prefecture, hoping to secure better prices and lower taxes for the local farmers, but the Immaculate Order’s stranglehold on the region thanks to the presence of the Proven Worth Chapter House of the Wyld Hunt made the prefect nothing more than an Immaculate puppet, and she continually refused to entertain vaguely heretical notions of farmers moving up in the world.

Clay was fully on board with the plan to excise the Order from the local area. A few miles north of Haru-So there is an Immaculate temple that sometimes serves as an outpost for visiting shikari or patrolling magistrates, and its abbott, an aging Wood aspect, has always had the full ear of the prefect and her staff. Clay reasoned that if the entire town banded together, they could take some of the mortal monks hostage and use them as leverage to get the abbott to capitulate to their demands. Thanks to Ferin’s planning and calling in of some favors, the townsfolk trained in basic combat techniques for months with a war veteran that Ferin knew from gods-know-where. They managed the attack a little too well, while the abbott was away, and some of the monks were accidentally killed rather than taken prisoner. Furious, the abbott decided to screw diplomacy – this heresy had to be put down the right way – and since the shikari were mostly out on the Hunt, he called in the closest talon of Legionnaires.

Talonlord Mnemon Jaghar managed to convince the prefect to take Clay prisoner instead of executing him for his heresies, with the logic that the entire town could not reasonably be executed, and it would make a martyr out of the charismatic Clay to kill him.

Later, Rokotsu broke Clay out of prison, whose indignation had only increased and who was thrilled to find a Dynast willing to help him take up his cause again. It took some convincing to get the people of Haru-So back on board again after their initial failure, but between Clay’s charisma, Ferin’s quiet logistics and Rokotsu’s natural Dynastic leadership, they were persuaded. Clay works now to keep morale high and make sure that the people of Haru-So stay determined and loyal to each other (and to himself and Rokotsu).

Nimbus Clay

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