Aleena's paternal grandmother


Heroic mortal

Favored Ability: Survival
Other Abilities: Craft (Wood), Ride


72 years old. Somewhat withered and hunched, but retains some of the grace she had in youth.

Belongs to Sept Semha, of Clan Yij

Used to be a nomad, but her family convinced her to move into the city when her health began to deteriorate. She was a seamstress who traveled the plains to handpick her own materials, making everything from scratch rather than buying it. Even now, she refuses to wear anything she did not make herself unless she knows the person who made it. Sept Semha straddles the urban/nomadic line fairly evenly, with some family members on both sides and several marriages across it, so it was easy for her to relocate without any fuss.

Her fingers are too arthritic now to continue her work, so she spends her time reading, weaving and telling stories, or just watching city life go by. Lately though she’s been ill more often than was usually her wont, and is often bedridden. Occasionally she gets briefly lost in the past, forgetting who her nurse and Aleena are or calling them by other names. Her unusually advanced age is seen by many as a sign of the vigor and fortitude of the sept, and most Delzahn who know her show her much respect.


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