Sesus Umari


Caste Abilities: Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Resistance, War
Favored Abilities: Bureaucracy, Lore, Socialize


Earth Aspect Dragonblood, military architect and city planner in the Thousand Scales

104 years old

Husband: Mnemon Jaghar (deceased). Sons: Mnemon Rokotsu, others. Daughters: Mnemon Ashoka, others. Niece: Mnemon Xifa.

Specializes in designing military facilities and city defenses. Unlike some among her House, she has always been a staunch supporter of Mnemon for the throne, and she worked hard to marry into that House for political reasons, though she has never been shy about her Ragara lover. Her approach to family is much like her approach to her career—professional and practical. She works to advance both her own House and her husband’s in the increasingly high-stakes race for power in the Empress’ absence, and has long been petitioning to build a new city to support the Legions and create another defensive bulwark between the Empire and the Scavenger Lands…ostensibly. In truth what she wants is to have a place she designed herself for the Sesus Legions to fall back to in the event of civil war, to protect the House’s interests against the Roseblack’s supporters (and anyone else who stood in their way). One thing Umari could never be accused of is myopia, and in that she is perhaps remarkable among her Sesus relatives.

Sesus Umari

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