Twice Errant Savannah


Spring Caste Lunar
Spirit shape: coyote
Tell: canine ears

Lunar mate of Ash Falls on Barren Tundra


Escaped the First Age Circle’s last stand and appropriated an abandoned manse to create a monument-tomb for the Solars. Hibernated there from sometime during the Usurpation until recently. Rigged a thaumaturgical ritual to call Solars to the tomb, which attracted the attention of the Circle.

Traveled with the Circle in hopes that they would help him find his mate, their missing Circlemate. They found her in the Underworld. Later, she convinced Savannah to join her in service to the Reaper of Fruitless Grains.

Left the Underworld to rescue Shea Mistwalker from captivity and bring him back to the Solars in Chiaroscuro.

Twice Errant Savannah

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