Drena'dal's Books

A group of books written by Drena'dal.


These books can be read to train the following Abilities: Craft (Earth), Craft (Water), Lore, Medicine, Occult and Survival, all up to one dot’s worth.

They can also be read to train the following Specialties: Craft (Manse Architecture); Investigation (Genealogy); Lore (Soul Sea Meditations); Lore (Geography); Medicine (Mutations); Medicine (Poisons); Medicine (Genetics); Occult (Geomancy); Occult (Sorcery); Survival (Plants).

Finally, they can be read train in rituals or up to one degree in the following thaumaturgical Arts (availability of particular rituals subject to ST discretion): Art of Geomancy, Art of Alchemy, Art of Husbandry.


These books were found in Drena’dal’s room, in the underground memorial Manse of the Solar Circle.

Titles include:

Holes in Creation, Holes in Ourselves. Penned to completion on 17 Descending Water in Year 2589 by Drena’dal, of the Red Wave, Copper Spider.

The Effects of Sorcery on Demesne Integrity: A Study. Penned to completion on 4 Resplendent Air in Year 3301 by Drena’dal, of the Red Wave, Descending Sun.

Who’s My Mommy?: A Look at Conifer Parentage North of Ondar Shambal. A Publication Produced By the Most Discerning and Discriminating Society for the Revelation of Mysteries Great and Small, Committee on Natural Phenomena and Enhancement for the Good of Creation. 3468.

Oadenol’s Commentary on the Procedures of Creation. By Oadenol, Truthspeaker. Year 524. (Includes rituals for Hero’s Recovery, for Geomantic Countermagic, for Scrying, for Summoning Humans, and for Ardent Embrace Resin, which is an explosive.)

Sorcery for One and All. A Proposal. Salina. Scribed by Selset Lu, in Deliberative Session J778-b.

Terrestrial Bloodlines Through the Ages. A work compiled and distributed by members of the Hakema Gens, in service to Lord Kago of the East, in Year 1510.

Elementary Sorcery for the Uninitiated Vizier. By Tambourine, Chosen of Journeys.

Drena'dal's Books

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