Gemstones of Synchronicity

Five bright green, octagonal crystals.


Multiple characters attuned to the manse can each bear a Gemstone of Synchronicity and regain Essence as they normally would from a 1-dot hearthstone. Each bearer can faintly sense the pains and emotions of the others. Although this can be unpleasant at times, only the most extreme pain can cause serious distraction. In such cases, the other bearers suffer no more than a one die penalty to all actions. If one of the bearers dies, the others feel her death as a searing pain of the heart that lasts for a full minute before easing. Each bearer also knows the distance and direction of all the other stone bearers. Most importantly, however, when bearers of these hearthstones fight side by side, they gain a +1 bonus to attempts to coordinate their attacks.


These five stones comprise the Hearthstone of Awisu, the five-sided fortress Manse. They are currently carried by Daven, Iqval, Rokotsu and Aleena, though not all of them necessarily have the stones attuned at any given time. The fifth stone is currently unused.

Gemstones of Synchronicity

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