Hope of Eventide


Artifact 3 staff

Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +7B/2, Defense +2, Rate 2, Min Str **, Cost –, Tags: 2-handed, Reach

2 hearthstone settings; one used for Hearthstone of Synchronicity, one used for a multifaceted gem that seems to be different colors depending on which facets are in the light (currently inert).

When attuned for 8m, the staff bestows upon its wielder the ability to refine and refract occult energies. It grants a +3 dice bonus to all Occult rolls made to perform actions (as opposed to knowledge rolls) when used as part of the stunt. It also acts as a fighting staff (see stats below), and contains settings for two hearthstones. Its greatest (and most coveted) power, however, lies in its ability to channel the martial Essence of battle into sorcerous might—a realization of the Platonic Wheel of Dynamic Harmony. Whenever an attuned wielder makes a successful MA attack with the staff that deals at least one level of damage, 1m is stored in the staff’s crystalline receptacle as mystical potential. The crystal can hold up to (wielder’s Essence x 3) motes. These motes can be used in place of the wielder’s own motes to pay for the mote cost of any sorcery or necromancy spell. If the staff is deattuned, all motes held in the crystal are lost.


This wondrous staff, made from orichalcum, mahogany and crystal, was crafted by Abeni the Spring Caste Lunar during the Thousand Struggles Era for her Solar mate and later husband, Drena’dal of the Red Wave. By necessity, it was forged in secret, as Solars and their allies fought each other for supremacy and sent spies to uncover the plans of their fellows in the dead of night. Abeni was forced to pack up her project and relocate multiple times over the course of its crafting—sometimes to avoid assassins or spies, sometimes so that she could accompany her comrades on important missons. She finally completed her work at dawn on the morning of the Circle’s final battle of the war, in which they worked together to subdue—and then befriend—an enemy, thanks in no small part to Drena’dal’s prowess with martial arts and sorcery, and this staff. It was the centerpiece of their wedding during the long silence that followed the war.

Later, after Drena’dal’s betrayal, the staff became an important symbol of everything he had, and everything he’d lost. It was a key factor in his victory in the famous White Iron Phoenix Ambush, and contributed significantly to his work in ridding Creation of many of its shadowlands. It was meaningful enough to the Twilight that he used the Solar magic of legacy to inscribe his name in Old Realm runes into the orichalcum of the crystal’s setting, ensuring that no one but the rightful inheritor would ever claim legitimate ownership of the artifact. When he was killed in the Usurpation, after a long and bloody hunt, the Dragonbloods searched meticulously for the staff, but never found it.

Hope of Eventide

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