Stone of Inhuman Beauty

An iridescent white oval.


4 dots. Adds four dots to the wearer’s Appearance, raising it to a maximum of 7. In addition, the bearer cannot be made to look anything other than beautiful: nothing short of Solar Circle
Sorcery can even temporarily reduce his Appearance. If dressed in rags and covered in mud, he appears handsomely disheveled; if disguised to look horribly scarred, he seems to bear noble wounds that must obviously have come from performing some grand feat of heroism. Other people always notice the bearer unless he uses stealth, Charms or the cover of darkness to conceal himself.


This Hearthstone comes from the primary Manse of the Aerie. It was given to Iqval in recognition of his status as the reincarnation of Seven Graces Sephira.

Stone of Inhuman Beauty

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