Tag: Gods


  • Yij

    Impossibly handsome Delzahn centaur, usually bedecked with gold, jewels and leather armor. Carries a bow, a sword and a shield. At [[:aleena | Aleena's]] request, after she won his favor by tying him in a race, he blessed Clan Yij with horse breeding …

  • Atsu

    Dark-skinned, fire-touched royal Delzahn warrior who rides a war mare and carries a sword, a pistol and a bow.

  • Temuji

    Appears as a clever young Delzahn man with dusky skin and red hair, glowing lines of Essence issuing from his body, silver quasi-mechanical gauntlets and pauldrons, and an oversized silver gun.

  • Chizoba, Kami of the Painted Road

    Appears as a stone and glass gateway of sorts, with a large red glass eyeball between the pillars, attached to a hand that can point the way for other bits of itself to manipulate its paintbrush, with which it maintains the roads and fights. The …

  • Ten Obols, Lady of Trade

    Appears as a beautiful green-skinned woman dressed in the finest silks and jewels. Has a retinue of little employee gods who follow her around and keep constant track of ledgers from commerce and trade all across the city-state. Also has one employee god …