Tag: Solars


  • Daven Sadara

    Daven is the coolest guy, you don't even know. At night, he is a much less cool guy. But that's part of the game. The Ghost in the Glass is here to clean up Chiaroscuro, and maybe to find out why unnamed people are trying to kill him.

  • Mnemon Rokotsu

    Having lost almost everything he believed in to propaganda and deceit, Rokotsu has named those two things the chief enemies of all the world. He is a believer more in truth than in the best outcome, and he is driven in his goals. He is not heartless, …

  • Je Hian, Guardian of Hosts

    Deceased Dawn Caste Solar Current incarnation: [[:ash-falls-on-barren-tundra | Ash Falls on Barren Tundra]] Gave his life to allow the rest of his Circlemates to escape the Usurpation, though they were caught and killed by the Dragonbloods …

  • Drena'dal, of the Red Wave

    Deceased Twilight Caste Solar [[:rokotsu | Rokotsu's]] immediate First Age predecessor. An apparently fairly well-known doctor, geomancer, architect and sorcerer. Worked with Je Hian on several projects in the field of occult botany. Was the only …

  • Five Graces Sephira

    Deceased Zenith Caste Solar [[:iqval | Iqval's]] immediate First Age predecessor. According to Savannah, she had many friends among the People of the Air, and commanded an army of them. Her Lunar mate was Mori Kirka, whose totem animal was a …

  • Desert Mistral

    Deceased Night Caste Solar [[:daven-sadara | Daven's]] immediate First Age predecessor. Claimed the small nation of Sakhalin as her domain. According to [[:twice-errant-savannah | Savannah]], Mistral was a secret ruler, who inspired her people to …

  • Merciful Wen Zhe

    Deceased Eclipse Caste Solar [[:aleena | Aleena's]] immediate First Age predecessor. Maintained a hilltop dojo in his northern kingdom, in which he kept a scroll delineating the laws of the land and his martial philosophies. His Lunar mate was …

  • Kimuli Storm-Tamer

    Part of a Circle of Exalts who took command of Kether Rock from Chosen of Battles Maduka Shin (now deceased). Helped [[:rokotsu | Rokotsu]] and [[:aleena | Aleena]] achieve their Trials of Tutelage in the Cave of Origins.

  • Jak the Outrider

    Part of a Circle of Exalts who took command of Kether Rock from Chosen of Battles Maduka Shin (now deceased). Met the Solars in the desert and escorted them to Kether Rock. His Lunar mate is Pia.