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  • Wen Zhe's War Fans

    Aleena found these fans in the Circle's underground memorial Manse. She then sacrificed them to the god of her clan, Yij, as part of a prayer.

  • Privacy Veil

    This thin, silky cloth is a curtain with little round silver discs attached, from which the curtain can hang--they can adhere to any surface so long as it's attuned. The curtain is not much decorated, but it's elegant; a cream-colored, opaque silk with …

  • Wen Zhe's Wall Scroll

    Aleena found this scroll in the Circle's underground memorial Manse. It has the following inscription in Skytongue: "Self-fulfillment. Quiet meditation. Discipline. Community."

  • Awisu

    This five-sided fortress is an Earth-aspected Manse that once belonged to Wen Zhe, but has now been claimed by his successor, Aleena. It is under Chiaroscuro, and possesses a currently non-functional elevator to the surface. It is very close to a Lunar- …

  • Obsidian Slab

    Smooth, palm-sized slab of obsidian with tiny runes carved into it that, if studied extensively by a sorcerer, can teach the Infallible Messenger spell. By manipulating it like a touch screen, you can slide the text around to find four other spells also …

  • Monah's armor

    Once belonged to Delzahn queen Monah, until she was shot and killed trying to warn Aleena of the impending Wyld Hunt attack. Daven brought back the armor from the corpse.