Tag: artifact


  • Fire Pearl

    This fire-setting gem is warm to the touch, and was taken from the corpse of the assassin sent to kill Daven Sadara and the Watch. Daven has kept it since then.

  • Traveler's Staff

    This magical walking stick/survival tool was given to Zahir Iqval by the mysterious Cozh, shortly before he left her in the desert.

  • Sapphire Pendant

    Drena'dal's pendant is made from sapphire and starmetal. It is etched with the symbol of Venus, the Maiden of Serenity. It was found and claimed by Mnemon Rokotsu in the Circle's underground memorial Manse.

  • Privacy Veil

    This thin, silky cloth is a curtain with little round silver discs attached, from which the curtain can hang--they can adhere to any surface so long as it's attuned. The curtain is not much decorated, but it's elegant; a cream-colored, opaque silk with …

  • Calligrand

    This warmly-colored orichalcum sword has an ivory-and-silver sheath, though Daven rarely has the sheath on-hand. Daven named the sword himself after finding it in the Circle's underground memorial Manse.

  • Outumbrageous

    Daven found this cloak in the Circle's underground memorial Manse, and remembered its name from the First Age. Its mask resembles a black motorcycle helmet, with concealing black glass. The mask and cloak have become synonymous with the Ghost in the Glass …

  • Quagmire Perimeter Mines

    These two mines were found in a locked box in Awisu. When empowered and buried, they create sinkholes under the feet of intruders within a certain radius.