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  • Starmetal Coins

    These coins were given to various servants of Eagle Eye, presumably to help him or Nathair keep track of them. Three coins have been found so far: 1: The coin that was left on the dock the night that Daven Sadara was nearly drowned. Daven has kept this …

  • Fire Pearl

    This fire-setting gem is warm to the touch, and was taken from the corpse of the assassin sent to kill Daven Sadara and the Watch. Daven has kept it since then.

  • Adamant Knuckles

    These knuckles were liberated from the assassin that tried to drown Daven Sadara. They hit like a truck, not that Daven has ever really tried. He has currently forgotten that he owns them.

  • Signet Ring

    This ring was in the possession of the assassin that tried to drown Daven Sadara. Presumably it belonged to Sahlak Salazar, the merchant who hired the assassin.

  • Mistral's Painting

    About the size of a legal sheet of paper, not counting the frame, which is made of ebony threaded with silver. "The painting":http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p160/satai_delenn/mistralpainting.jpg.

  • Calligrand

    This warmly-colored orichalcum sword has an ivory-and-silver sheath, though Daven rarely has the sheath on-hand. Daven named the sword himself after finding it in the Circle's underground memorial Manse.

  • Outumbrageous

    Daven found this cloak in the Circle's underground memorial Manse, and remembered its name from the First Age. Its mask resembles a black motorcycle helmet, with concealing black glass. The mask and cloak have become synonymous with the Ghost in the Glass …

  • Dreamstone

    Given to Daven by Jak at Kether Rock, in exchange for a good talk and morale boost.

  • Pouch of Firedust

    Stolen by [[:twice-errant-savannah | Twice Errant Savannah]] from the Immaculate Temple in Chiaroscuro.