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  • Drena'dal's Books

    These books were found in Drena'dal's room, in the underground memorial Manse of the Solar Circle. Titles include: _Holes in Creation, Holes in Ourselves._ Penned to completion on 17 Descending Water in Year 2589 by Drena'dal, of the Red Wave, …

  • Sapphire Pendant

    Drena'dal's pendant is made from sapphire and starmetal. It is etched with the symbol of Venus, the Maiden of Serenity. It was found and claimed by Mnemon Rokotsu in the Circle's underground memorial Manse.

  • Hope of Eventide

    This wondrous staff, made from orichalcum, mahogany and crystal, was crafted by Abeni the Spring Caste Lunar during the Thousand Struggles Era for her Solar mate and later husband, Drena'dal of the Red Wave. By necessity, it was forged in secret, as …

  • Revelator Prism

    These artifact monocles were relatively common artifacts during the First Age, used by Solars and Lunars to further refine their native ability to see and visually analyze Essence flows.

  • Obsidian Slab

    Smooth, palm-sized slab of obsidian with tiny runes carved into it that, if studied extensively by a sorcerer, can teach the Infallible Messenger spell. By manipulating it like a touch screen, you can slide the text around to find four other spells also …