Heroic mortal(?)
Motivation: Become the most famous flashball player in the world
Intimacies: flashball (Righteous Fun), Daven (Brotherly Friendship), Tsimshian (Brotherly Love), fame (Excited Enthusiasm), ghosts (Unreasonable Dislike), Aleena (Love)


Unsure of his actual age, but knows at least that he is a few years younger than his brother. Average height, average build, and fairly average looks.

Tsimshian’s younger brother. They don’t actually know whether they’re full brothers or half-brothers – they grew up orphans, and Tsimshian only has a vague memory of someone who used to take care of them. Demothi has never displayed any godblooded abilities, but he holds onto the hope that someday they will manifest. Generally a cheerful, creative sort, Demothi has a tendency to let his imagination and excitement run rampant, though he’s never really had much talent for any of the arts. He loves flashball for the thrill of competition and the chance to get famous. Along with his brother Tsimshian, he plays for the East Chiaroscuran Stallions and occasionally participates in other events sponsored by the Guild-run stadium. When he isn’t playing flashball he’s been known to play at cards and dice, occasionally winning some cash with gambling, which he sometimes keeps for himself and his brother, and sometimes donates to the Watch fund.

Demothi has basically decided that he’s adopted himself into the Sadara family despite not being invited, and despite being weirded out by Daven’s brother Naal. He has been known to call Keturah “Mom” on occasion and just follow Daven home for no real reason other than he feels like hanging out (or, at least, trying).


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