Keturah Sadara

Daven's mother


Heroic mortal
Favored Ability: Occult
Thaumaturgy: Enchantment, Warding & Exorcism, a little Alchemy


41 years old. Tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, clearly a Northerner.

An occultist, historian, teacher and single mother, Keturah has always been a force for guiding others, lifting them up to better themselves and preparing them for the hardships and complications of life. Often this has come at the expense of her own progress, but she has never complained about this. She has been an alcoholic for a long time, but has never shown any desire to overcome it, having a tendency to handwave problems by simply ignoring them. She almost never talks about her past unless asked, and even then is cagey with her responses.

Sometimes she sings songs to herself, ones that don’t sound like what local musicians would play. She’s not very good, though.

Keturah lived in the Foreigners’ Quarter with her two sons, Daven and Naal, and worked as a tutor until she landed a permanent teaching job at an upper-middle-class academy in the New City. She home-schooled her two sons, in a neighborhood where most kids get no schooling at all. She recently moved to live closer to her job.

Keturah Sadara

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