Kirabo Lotus


Spirit shape: peghedu (Malfean spider-horse)
Tell: long sharp glassy fingernails

Anima Banner: a lightning storm accompanied by wailing guitars; anima is white radiance with a shifting whirl of colors at its edges

Using Hybrid Body Rearrangement, can give herself agata wings for gliding and erymanthus skin for soak.


Casteless Lunar

Aleena’s Lunar mate, leader of the rock band Tomescu’s Scream, and successor to Sky Lotus, the founder of the Cacophonic Outrage Style of martial arts.

Came to Chiaroscuro with her band during Calibration, RY 769, and encountered the Solars during her rowdy concert. Agreed to help Aleena with her Delzahn endeavors, though on the condition that she wouldn’t be treated like a servant.

Other members of Tomescu’s Scream include Urza, an erymanthus drummer; Urmiah, an angyalka harpist; Batsa, a chalcothete bassist; and Zodu, a gilmyne singer/dancer.

Born in Malfeas, in a small city of mortals called Mellain that has been there since Five Graces Sephira cast it out of Creation in the First Age, protected from the deadly miasma of the Demon City by the magic of Cast Out Beyond Regard.

Exalted as a Lunar when Adorjan blew through the streets of the city and killed many of the mortals living there; this one managed to survive by using the shifting, changing terrain of Malfeas to her advantage and cleverly finding a place to hide, not only for herself but for other people and demons nearby. A shard of Luna appeared, expressing surprise that one of her Chosen lived here in the prison of the yozis, and saying that she expected great and terrible things, as it should be.

With her exaltation, though, came the memory – centuries of outrage at the end of the world, centuries of obsessive music in exile, and the adoration of teeming masses of demons. She took those she’d sheltered from the killing wind as followers for a revival of the Cacodemon movement and worked for months to relearn the art and the style, partially from memory and partially from scratch, from her own feelings of despair and rage over the arbitrary deaths of her people.

Kirabo Lotus

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