Naal Sadara

Daven's brother


Air Aspect Outcaste Dragonblood
(one) Favored Ability: Craft (Wood, Air, Water)
Knows a ritual or two in the Art of Enchantment


26 years old. Tall, green hair, a bit pretty. Looks like he could be from anywhere.

Naal is a craftsman who lives with his brother Daven in the Foreigners’ Quarter of Chiaroscuro and runs a stall where he sells figurines, mannequins and masks of his own making. He is a very self-sufficient sort who keeps to himself, and sometimes just vanishes for a day or two. As they grew up, Naal taught Daven to fight, with no explanation of where he himself learned. He would often challenge Daven – whether in combat or just a silent passive-aggressive war of who could finish the most chores. He never explained his reasoning.

On the other hand, while Naal is in his own little world a lot of the time, he has never hesitated to help Keturah out with things, whether it was making money for the family or fixing things around the house. Or telling assholes to beat it. He did that latter once when he was twelve, and stabbed a thief in the leg with a kitchen knife. The thief robbed the house anyway, but he was pissed about the whole thing. After that was about when Keturah decided to save up some cash to get him a sword.

Naal and Daven’s house, while originally just a tenement of canvas and wood like a lot of the others in the Foreigners’ Quarter, is actually nicer than the neighborhood suggests it should be – Naal does work on it sometimes. He built himself a little extension for a workshop, and he gave it real walls and proofed it against rain. Keturah even taught him an Enchantment ritual or two, which he’s used to shore up the house.

Took over the role of Ghost in the Glass from Daven.

Recently revealed to Daven that he has been a Dragonblood for an unknown length of time, when the brothers infiltrated the Silk Garden lifestyle house to deliver their sister Tolui from slavery.

Naal Sadara

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