Tamid Pasha

Delzahn Peacekeeper


Heroic mortal
Favored Ability: Ride
Other Abilities: Melee 3, Archery 3, War 2, Investigation 3

Intimacies: His prized warhorse (Proud Ownership), the law (Weary Dedication)

Foreigners’ Quarter Peacekeepers – Leader: Tamid Pasha

Motivation: Keep the peace in the Foreigners’ Quarter and uphold the important laws.
Intimacies: Tamid Pasha (Loyalty), the Delzahn Horde (Fear/Gratitude), Foreigners (Mistrust)

Size 3
Competence 4
Influence 6
Wealth 4
Reach 3

Capital: 20
Committed Capital: 9 (Protect Organization)
Committed Capital: 7 (Contest Project – various crimes)


47 years old, minor Delzahn noble. Wears leather armor and carries a truly ridiculous number of weapons most of the time. Blades sheathed everywhere.

Tamid is Daven’s contact with the Delzahn Peacekeepers and the officer in charge of the Foreigners’ Quarter. Slightly world-weary lawman who is vaguely sympathetic to Daven’s quiet, non-Delzahn passion for justice.

Tamid Pasha

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