Member of Daven's Watch


Godblood (divine parentage unknown)
Godblood traits: Exalted Healing

Motivation: Reach ultimate spiritual enlightenment through sports
Intimacies: flashball (Route to Enlightenment), physical exertion (Cleansing), Daven (Brotherly Friendship), Demothi (Brotherly Love), beef (Delicious Weakness)


Unsure of his actual age, but effective age is about 28. Average height, muscled build, a perfect specimen of masculine anatomy due to his divine heritage.

A serious, spiritually centered and somewhat intense young godblood who finds enlightenment in the sport known as flashball, which has become popular across the South over the past ten years or so. He’s become one of Chiaroscuro’s best and most well-known flashball players among the sport’s fans, and is the “quarterback” of the team (or whatever flashball has). He and his brother play for the East Chiaroscuran Stallions, and occasionally participate in other events sponsored by the Guild-run stadium, including races, other sports, and fighting tournaments.

Tsimshian feels that Daven is “good people” and stands behind basically anything he would want the Watch to do. He appreciates the opportunity to do some good for people, even if fighting is not exactly his favorite cup of tea.


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