Campaign Timeline

7 Resplendent Fire, 768 – Mnemon Rokotsu travels to the Underworld to find the ghost of Mnemon Jaghar.

12 Resplendent Fire, 768 – Rokotsu meets Mnemon Sivesh and agrees to provide prayer to her in exchange for assistance and knowledge.

11 Descending Fire, 768 – Rokotsu and Mnemon Xifa arrive in Haru-So and begin their work with Drass Ferin and Nimbus Clay.

26 Ascending Earth, 769 – Zahir Iqval prevents a riot in the Border Bazaar in Gem, and exalts.

28 Ascending Earth, 769 – Iqval turns down an offer of sponsorship from Gem Guild factor Keen-Eyed Falcon of the West.

7 Resplendent Earth, 769 – Iqval turns down several offers from various Gem luminaries and receives a warning from Cozh that the Realm has gotten word of his presence in Gem.

8 Resplendent Earth, 769 – Iqval leaves for Chiaroscuro in Cozh’s caravan.

20 Resplendent Earth, 769 – Cozh’s caravan is attacked by Dune People. Iqval leads the survivors through the desert toward Chiaroscuro.

16 Resplendent Wood, 769 – Aleena exposes the machinations of Gurban Orkhan and exalts in the throne room of Yejouj Khan.

17 Descending Wood, 769 – Daven Sadara survives drowning in the Chiaroscuro harbor at the hands of Sahlak Salazar’s agents, and exalts.

18 Descending Wood, 769 – Daven tells Tamid Pasha about the Ghost in the Glass, and becomes the Ghost for the first time while rescuing the Watch from Nakht and other assassins sent by Salazar and Eagle Eye. Daven defeats Nakht and his men in combat.

19 Descending Wood, 769 – Aleena travels south to learn from Jabril and visit her nomadic relatives.

22 Descending Wood, 769 – Daven, with the aid of street rat Adar and others, rescues the children sold into slavery by Salazar.

1 Ascending Fire, 769 – Rokotsu attempts to lead a rebellion against the Immaculate Order in Haru-So and exalts. Rokotsu, Xifa, Ferin and Jadebriar “Fawn” Suna escape by ship. Haru-So burns and its villagers are executed by the Immaculate Order.

10 Ascending Fire, 769 – Rokotsu, Xifa, Ferin and Fawn arrive in Chiaroscuro.

13 Ascending Fire, 769 – Daven has his tarot read by a mysterious old woman in a Chiaroscuran bazaar.

16 Ascending Fire, 769 – Aleena, Daven and Rokotsu heed the call of Canticle for Hope, and meet up in the desert. They arrest Guild merchant prince Shaleen Kosef and free the slaves in her Guild caravan. Iqval and his caravan survivors encounter Xifa, Ferin, Fawn, Nisa and Ji in the rescued slave caravan bound for Chiaroscuro. Iqval heeds the call of Canticle for Hope.

21 Ascending Fire, 769 – The Solars wake Twice Errant Savannah in the memorial manse and remember the First Age.

22 Ascending Fire, 769 – Iqval temporarily transforms into a bird.

1 Resplendent Fire, 769 – The Solars and Savannah return to Chiaroscuro. Rokotsu meets Blood Lily and makes a deal with her.

2 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Aleena attempts to convince Tahmoress Khan and his court to fight slavery in Chiaroscuro. Iqval and Rokotsu meet the Watch. The Solars learn about the impostor Ghost. Daven and Savannah track Naal Sadara into the Undermarket and find that their trail ends at The Ruby Temple, a brothel of some kind. Daven and Savannah engage in vigilantism to restore the Ghost’s reputation. The Solars investigate the impostor Ghost (Nakht). Nakht and his allies kidnap Wild Buckeye and take her to the High Rise.

3 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Aleena and Rokotsu shut down an illegal horse smuggling ring. The Solars rescue Demothi and Tsimshian from Nakht’s allies. The Solars fight Nakht and his allies. Savannah tracks Buckeye to the High Rise and is captured. Tamid learns that Daven is the Ghost. Nakht defeats Daven. Rokotsu defeats Nakht. Aleena forces Nakht to swear an oath of non-aggression and turns him over to the Peacekeepers.

4 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Rokotsu and Daven question Nakht, and learn the location of Eagle Eye. The Solars rescue Buckeye and Savannah, and meet Eagle Eye and Nathair, Desinent Serpent. The Solars make an oath of mutual support with Nathair.

5 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Aleena and Demothi have a Skytongue lesson with Keturah Sadara. Savannah meets Sri, Naal and Keturah. Daven begins recruiting for the Watch. The Solars go to the Underworld, meet with Blood Lily, and buy a terrible sandship.

6 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Daven dreams a memory of Whispers.

8 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Iqval remembers Sessa. Iqval puts Daven to sleep with hypnosis.

9 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Rokotsu meets Cinnamon Breeze, who begins to teach him Fate’s Guardian Style and agrees to be his advisor.

10 Resplendent Fire, 769 – The Solars aid Ash Falls on Barren Tundra and Discordant Howl of the Mendicant Wolf to save an Underworld village from attacking chaudra. The Solars learn that Ash is Savannah’s mate. Ash travels with the Solars to find the Dragon.

18 Resplendent Fire, 769 – The Solars arrive at Kaheko Aerie and meet the ruling Council of the Air Folk there—Kadron, Prophet of the Faith, Jenim, Doyen of the Community and Sularae, Marshal of the Corps. The Solars refuse the Air Folk’s offer of rulership. The Solars find the armory from which the Thousand-Forged Dragon was stolen and narrowly escape the monster beneath the mountain. Savannah and Ash depart for the Underworld.

26 Resplendent Fire, 769 – Aleena and Rokotsu return to Chiaroscuro. Aleena receives a summons to Yejouj Khan’s palace.

10 Descending Fire, 769 – Gurban Orkhan and his clan leave Chiaroscuro for the plains.

18 Descending Fire, 769 – Daven and Iqval lead part of the Aerie’s population of Air Folk as refugees to Chiaroscuro. The Solars meet with Yejouj Khan and accept his alliance in exchange for sabotaging the Realm’s presence in the city.

19 Descending Fire, 769 – Daven goes on a date with Blood Lily.

20 Descending Fire, 769 – The Solars buy a map from Frey. The Solars explore the Undercity. Aleena puts the victims of the flesh-eating monster to rest. The Solars claim Awisu and the Falling Star Bath House. Aleena and Daven read Sky Lotus’ journal. Daven kills Frey the mapmaker.

21 Descending Fire, 769 – Blood Lily visits Daven and shares secrets with him.

23 Descending Fire, 769 – Tahmoress Khan arranges his own marriage to Aleena.

25 Descending Fire, 769 – Aleena goes on a date with Demothi.

26 Descending Fire, 769 – Daven goes on a date with Xifa.

27 Descending Fire, 769 – The Solars meet with “Okai,” who turns out to be Discordant Howl of the Mendicant Wolf.

28 Descending Fire, 769 – Aleena, Iqval and Mihr summon Yij. Aleena wins Yij’s favor in a race.

Calibration 1 – Daven begins recruitment efforts for the Watch and receives a proposition from Bao Ling.

Calibration 2 – The Solars attend a Tomescu’s Scream concert and meet Kirabo Lotus. Iqval prays to Luna and receives a vision.

Calibration 3 – The Solars travel for Kether Rock. The Solars pick up Mnemon Ashoka and her bodyguards at an oasis caravanserai.

Calibration 4 – The Solars confront and kill Ashoka’s bodyguards. Rokotsu attempts suicide. The Solars visit Kether Rock and meet Jak the Outrider, Kimuli Storm-Tamer and Mkunda Bos.

Calibration 5 – Jak lends Daven a dreamstone from a First Age Night Caste. Kimuli provides Rokotsu and Aleena with their sorcerous Stations of Tutelage. Kimuli and Iqval research the Orison of Salvation and Mamihlapinatapai the lesser elemental dragon. The Solars speak with Mkunda about the future. The Solars and Demothi win a game of flashball against a raksha noble, the Peacock Queen, and her entourage.

1 Ascending Air, 770 – Aleena begins trade negotiations with the Munashe people.

4 Ascending Air, 770 – Daven accepts Bao Ling’s offer, and learns about O-Na and Tolui. Daven and Naal infiltrate Silk Garden and free Tolui, Shahim and Faelan. Naal kills Delzahn noble Latif Bey. Rokotsu and Kimuli rewrite Ashoka’s memory and send her to Skullstone.

5 Ascending Air, 770 – Aleena and Lotus meet with Yejouj Khan and perform a song intended to convince him to adopt Aleena rather than marry her. Daven and Naal kill O-Na. Daven badly injures Naal.

6 Ascending Air, 770 – Rokotsu discovers that Blood Lily is gone. Savannah returns to Chiaroscuro with Shea Mistwalker. Daven and Naal practice teamwork against some erymanthoi in the Undercity. Aleena convinces Kurush Bey to close down Silk Garden.

7 Ascending Air, 770 – Iqval begins to organize an Air Folk clinic. The Solars meet with some Chiaroscuran gods at the New City Opera House. The Sisters of the Dragon’s Claw attack, and take Iqval and Nathair hostage. Yij sends Mihr somewhere unknown. Tahmoress Khan officially makes Aleena his wife, and dies. Yejouj Khan dies. Aleena defeats Semanos Khan in a duel, after which he rides far. The Spade that Tends the Void’s Garden‘s head arrives at Daven’s house with a message from the Reaper of Fruitless Grains.

8 Ascending Air, 770 – Rokotsu and Aleena send the ghost of Monah off to Lethe.

9 Ascending Air, 770 – Iqval becomes loyal to Ledaal Catala Gudrun. Daven and Shea infiltrate the Immaculate Temple to gather information.

10 Ascending Air, 770 – Rokotsu and Ferin convince Caddis Dunai to gather dockworkers for a Delzahn business boycott.

Campaign Timeline

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